Thursday, February 14, 2019

Meet BLOTUS...Boss Leader Of The United States...

BLOTUS rants and BLOTUS raves, shouting MAGA from the rooftops all day every day, while filling our lives with lies.

Once in a while, BLOTUS accidentally blurts out something true in his stream of blathering hooey.

When he stated that, “I love the poorly educated.”, truth was told.

The lack of understanding he perceives among the ‘poorly educated’, is the key to his success.

A genius like him can hornswoggle the ‘poorly educated’ by playing their ignorance to his advantage.

However, 'poorly educated' does not mean stupid.

It just means uninformed and unable to comprehend what is happening in the moment when that moment is filled with skullduggery, bright lights, sleight of hand, and tricky word play.

You know, the ol’ shuffle off to Buffalo.

It takes a while to translate the hoo haw from on high into language all can understand.

Because of poor education, the uninformed don’t get it until it’s too late.

By then, it would be embarrassing to admit they’d been fooled, so BLOTUS gets away with his flim flammery.

There’s just too much coming at us to distill the nonsense into common sense before more is spewed and sputtered.

The only thing worse than being ignorant is having to admit it.

That said, even the ‘poorly educated’ among us will understand this.

By way of introduction…

I’m 71 years of age, raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA.

Lynn, in the 1950s, was chock full of ‘poorly educated’ WWII Vets who suffered from shell shock and felt screwed by the Guvamint.

They spent most of their time at the VFW, or some other beer joint, commiserating with one another as they stared forlornly into the rings their glasses of stale beer made on the bar.

Not many of those guys are still alive to tell the tale, but I bet that each and every MAGA hat out there grew up with one or more of them around.

Those guys were of every color and ethnicity, each had served in WWII, and are now remembered as part of The Greatest Generation.

In the decades following WWII, guys who felt wronged, abused, and forgotten were everywhere in factory towns and rural communities.

That and 15 cents got them another beer, and time to commiserate with their saddened compatriots for a few more hours.

When their pittance ran out, and there was nobody left to cadge another beer from, the barkeep said, ‘See ya later’, and they shuffled their way back home.

Once there, they plunked down on whatever ratty old armchair was reserved for them, and mumbled about the unfairness of it all until sleep overtook them.

Those who followed them and suffered from the same poor education, dutifully went to work in the factories and on the farms, because it's all that was available.

American factories and farms closed, eroded, died, and went away as those at the top saw opportunity and cheap labor elsewhere.

MAGA hats were born.

BLOTUS was ready.

Ya gotta give him credit for that.